This is an easy summer salad that can be mixed up to incorporate any of the fruits/veggies in your kitchen. For me the key difference between this summer strawberry salad and any other is that I use a flavored balsamic vinegar (green apple), combined with extra virgin olive oil, as my salad dressing. Delicious and better for you than store-bought salad dressing. Go crazy and pour extra without feeling guilty, I do!
I love the taste and smell of fresh rosemary bread. This recipe uses yeast and therefore requires two rising periods to get the "fluffy" feel and taste that makes it so delicious. The recipe itself is easy, but make sure you can be around for a few hours to "ready" your bread as needed. I hope you enjoy the smell of your kitchen as much as I did while making this... do you think a rosemary perfume is suddenly going to appear?
I love squash, and there are many tasty ways to make it, but I find this seasoned squash to be the most convenient for me. It involves my beloved crock pot, which allows me to be away from the kitchen while my squash is still getting nice and tender. You can also chop it into pieces (or leave in halves) and cook in the oven. The oven method is quicker, but requires you to be in the kitchen to keep an eye on the oven - I'm overly cautious about my house not burning down!!

I actually made this a little while ago and just never got around to posting it, so it could be a little late in the season for winter squash. You could probably find some, but if not then you'll have a tasty meal planned out and ready for the fall.

I went a little crazy with my spices (see below). I LOVE cinnamon so I put a ton on top and then mixed it all inside with the squash "meat". If you have a really fresh squash the flavor will be so delicious you really won't need much in the way of seasoning.

Enough talking, enjoy!
I love quiche any time of year. It's a great way to use whatever vegetables you have on hand. Plus if you keep eggs and a pie crust on hand, you'll have a dinner ready without having to run to the store (assuming you have something in your fridge other than just the eggs and pie crust). This recipe is the most recent quiche I made. It's a spicy sausage and pepper quiche, so if you're vegetarian or don't like spicy foods you might need to make a few adjustments. Enjoy!