Yum... this honey oatmeal whole wheat bread is really moist and rich tasting - thanks to a bunch of honey! It takes about 3 hours due to two rise cycles and 30 minutes in the oven, but make it one day when you're piddling around the house. Be careful though, the smell while it's cooking will make you want to eat the whole thing when it comes out.
My brother calls me a few months ago, while I'm on vacation at the beach, and asks if I have a sewing machine. For those who own a sewing machine, do you also have one with you on vacation? Exactly, nobody does. Keep in mind my brother has no interest in, nor knowledge of, sewing - bless him.

So when I get this call the first thing that goes through my mind is he had a button fall off or a tear that he wants me to mend. That I can do with needle and thread so I blindly charge ahead and ask for more details.

That's the point where he asks me, "will you make me some pants?" Let me set the record straight here. I've never made pants before and I've never had anybody ask me to make pants before. Again, I blindly charge ahead and ask for more details. He proceeds to tell me he was running errands with a friend who had to buy fabric for her class project (details unknown). While in the fabric store (likely his first time), he saw this "awesome fabric for pants". He of course went ahead and bought some, knowing he would be seeing me at the beach the next time.

Now this next part is what I imagine went through his head. "Jess knows how to sew. Pants can't be that hard, right? You sew the front to the back and add a few details like the zipper. I'll bring her this awesome fabric and she can make me some pants one afternoon." I'm honored he has such faith in my abilities, unfounded as it may be. However, that doesn't change the fact I didn't have a sewing machine with me and had never made pants before. I tell him it will take me a while, yes, longer than the weekend, and just chuckle. 

I go home, set the pants fabric in the corner, and do nothing for a month. Finally I start to feel guilty and call my mom. I'm pretty sure this was my plan all along seeing as how I don't know how to make pants and I know my mom has made some before. The phone call goes something like this:

Me: "Mom, Ryan wants me to make him pants."
Mom: "Hahaha, he what? Pants are a lot of work. Nobody makes men's pants anymore."
Me: "I know. And you're going to love this pattern he picked out, it's very bold. Where do I start?"
Mom: "You'll need to go buy a pattern..."

Let me also add that this fabric is DRY CLEAN ONLY and makes me think of the Victorian era. My bother definitely has a unique sense of style. 

I decide that although I know nothing about making pants this will be a good learning experience and a chance to use my new sewing machine. So off I go to buy a pattern...
This mac and cheese recipe is one of the first dishes my mom taught me to make (probably because I LOVE mac and cheese so much). The traditional way uses cheddar cheese, or... you can buy some fun cheese with jalapenos in it! Just make sure to warn people because some people really don't like spicy.