I have to say getting started sewing is definitely the worst part. The directions tell me to start with the pockets. I figure that can't be too hard, right? Noooo, there's a lot more going on there than I realized. So much folding that somehow makes sense when it's all together, but when looking at the directions just seems confusing. Also, it seems to me the directions call for two unnecessary pieces. I THINK one of them is for reinforcement, but the other seems like it would just get in the way. I decide to take a more minimalist pants-making approach and eliminate the "extra" pieces.

Yes, I have pockets! Now onto the legs. The directions definitely have some unnecessary steps. Scanning... scanning... ok. I sew the front, the back, and now I have something that (loosely) resembles pants! Next step, zipper. After analyzing the directions for a few minutes I decide this seems more complicated than I'm in the mood for so I skip the zipper for now and move on. Come to think of it, what a great stopping point. Might as well put them aside for a while until he can come for a fitting.

A couple weeks later he comes into town and I bring them out for a fitting. I turn them right-side out so he can get an idea of how they will look and he seems very pleased. I must admit, they do look better than the original picture in my mind. 

I readjust the size and decide they're ready for a final seam. Zip zip, done! I read onto the next step and realize I've made a mistake. Crap. I take a moment to consider my options. It's a minor mistake that he probably won't notice unless I point it out. If I redo them it will take me FOREVER. Hum... executive decision made, I will keep them as is. What mistake? They're perfect! Now onto the pockets...
Cheese is my weakness. When I went vegan for a month people would ask, "Doesn't your body crave meat?' No, honestly I can do without meat. I enjoy it when it's prepared well but if I don't get it at a meal I don't feel I've missed anything. Cheese is another story. I really missed the extra flavor cheese adds to dishes. Give me a nice strong cheese any day and I'm a happy girl. 

Once vegan month was over my first thought was, which cheese? I had a hard time deciding which dish to make with which cheese, so I decided to go with a dish using two cheeses. :-)  This tomato zucchini wrap has a slightly deceptive title because although it does have tomatoes and zucchini, along with other vegetables, it also contains feta on the inside of the wrap and a cheddar cheese sauce on top. Yummy.