I'll admit that until recently I always bought pie crusts. It seemed easier and some are actually pretty good. I have a Trader Joe's one that is my standby. However, I was really wanting to make pumpkin pie the other day now that fall has arrived, but I did not have a crust available. I could have driven to the store and bought one, but I really wasn't in the mood. So I decided to experiment and looked up a few ideas online. I went with a variation of "healthy pie crust" recipes I found. Mostly this pie crust uses a butter/coconut oil mix and no shortening. Best of all, no preservatives and I can pronounce all ingredients. It is surprisingly easy, quicker than driving to the store (unless you live next door), and tastes great. Now I can enjoy pies all fall and winter whether I'm prepared with a pie crust on hand or not.
I was at a party last summer and someone had brought the most delicious cold avocado salad. Of course I asked for the recipe and this is my version of that dish. One of the main differences is that I eliminated the cilantro. I'm not a fan, but many people love it and I'm sure it would be a good addition here if you like it.
This is an easy summer salad that can be mixed up to incorporate any of the fruits/veggies in your kitchen. For me the key difference between this summer strawberry salad and any other is that I use a flavored balsamic vinegar (green apple), combined with extra virgin olive oil, as my salad dressing. Delicious and better for you than store-bought salad dressing. Go crazy and pour extra without feeling guilty, I do!
This summer pasta is simple, with just a few key ingredients, yet flavorful. It's important to use fresh basil. The leaves have such a strong, fresh flavor, it really makes the dish. The mozzarella is a nice compliment to the basil and tomatoes - and who doesn't love cheese?

Hope you enjoy this basil, mozzarella, and tomato pasta. Let me know if you come up with any other tasty ingredients to mix in.
This broccoli idea is from a friend, who also got the idea from a friend, and .... isn't that how all great ideas get passed along? Anyways, it's the easiest way to make broccoli and the touch of lemon at the end gives it a nice crisp citrus flavor. Broccoli is a great side dish because it's incredible for you. Luckily it's in season right now so it's fresh and cheap! Check out nutrition info here.
This peanut butter spread packs a powerful protein punch! (Are you cringing from the corny alliteration?) The creamy spread is a lighter version of a peanut butter dip that goes great with veggies. The added yogurt also calms down the fat content of peanut butter. A healthy yet very filling snack.
I can demolish a bag of frozen fruit. It's a great snack and satisfies my sweet tooth without leaving me with a stomach ache. My favorite snack is frozen blueberries, mangos, or peaches. I've only found two downsides: 1) I have to huddle beneath a blanket when I eat these in the winter, and 2) The frozen blueberries turn my teeth and lips blue.

Just make sure you get the no-sugar-added frozen or fresh fruit and then freeze. Happy snacking!
I love to start my day with a fruit smoothie. 1) It tastes good, 2) It gets me the fruit I need for the day, which can be hard to do in the winter, and 3) It gives my internal parts the fiber and nutrients needed to help me feel "on" and energetic for the day. The beauty of the smoothie recipe is that it is very forgiving. You can add most anything you want and it will still be good. I personally love frozen blueberries, strawberries, and mangos, but they're all good. I like to keep things exciting by trying new fruit when I see it. (Yes, I find that exciting.) Last thing: buy your fruit on sale and freeze it, or buy it in bulk at Target or some sort of Costsco/BJ's. 

Enjoy - and make sure you're getting some fruit each day!
This is my fiance's go-to dish and it's always a hit. So simple, and so good for you. Now... I hear people saying they don't eat avocados because they're high in fat. True, but it's GOOD fat - the kind that helps lower cholesterol. Check out the many other benefits of this amazing fruit.

All you need is 5 ingredients and 10 minutes. Check out the recipe now!