Yum... this honey oatmeal whole wheat bread is really moist and rich tasting - thanks to a bunch of honey! It takes about 3 hours due to two rise cycles and 30 minutes in the oven, but make it one day when you're piddling around the house. Be careful though, the smell while it's cooking will make you want to eat the whole thing when it comes out.
Making pizza dough yourself is healthier, more convenient (in my opinion), and cheaper than buying it from the store. I can see the argument that buying pre-made dough is quicker (if you're going to the store anyways), but this recipe only takes a 1/2 hour. So as long as you have flour and yeast at home, don't make a special trip to the store!

Make extra and freeze for later or make pizza. Yum!

I love the taste and smell of fresh rosemary bread. This recipe uses yeast and therefore requires two rising periods to get the "fluffy" feel and taste that makes it so delicious. The recipe itself is easy, but make sure you can be around for a few hours to "ready" your bread as needed. I hope you enjoy the smell of your kitchen as much as I did while making this... do you think a rosemary perfume is suddenly going to appear?
I love chocolate! I am a firm believer in the power of chocolate to make any day better. Some nights I just *need* to make chocolate chip muffins. But with that said, I don't need a dozen and I don't need the pure butter and sugar muffin recipe. The way I see it... if I make healthier (yet still moist and tasty) muffins, then I can have two since they're better for me. Like how I just rationalized doubling my chocolate muffin intake?  :-)  Also, for those who make a whole batch of something and then end up eating them all at once, this recipe only makes four muffins so feel free to eat them all!