I love fresh pesto. It's a great use for my basil plant when it's growing out of control - and then I have tons of pesto to spice up my pasta, pizza, spaghetti, and numerous other dishes. Pesto is relatively quick to make, stores well until ready to use, or freeze for later. Homemade pesto is not only tastier, it's also better for you because it doesn't need all the sodium and preservatives to keep it lasting forever on the shelf. Make tons to share with friends or freeze and enjoy pesto all winter long.
This peanut butter spread packs a powerful protein punch! (Are you cringing from the corny alliteration?) The creamy spread is a lighter version of a peanut butter dip that goes great with veggies. The added yogurt also calms down the fat content of peanut butter. A healthy yet very filling snack.
This is my fiance's go-to dish and it's always a hit. So simple, and so good for you. Now... I hear people saying they don't eat avocados because they're high in fat. True, but it's GOOD fat - the kind that helps lower cholesterol. Check out the many other benefits of this amazing fruit.

All you need is 5 ingredients and 10 minutes. Check out the recipe now!