Pizza is easy, tasty and has a little something for everyone. I prefer personal size pizzas so everyone can add whatever toppings make them happy. For example, I love mushrooms but someone *cough* does not, so this is a great way to make us both happy. Or have children? Load yours up with veggies and let them make a cheese pizza if they're still anti anything good for you.

A homemade pizza crust is easy and can be pre-made. But if you're not feeling it or running out of time, pre-made pizza crusts at your local grocery store work just as well.

Toppings... there are so many ways to go here. I have listed several ideas in the recipe. This particular recipe is based on what I "usually" make. Although typing up the list of possibilities has me wanting to try out some other options. Don't be surprised to see them in a future post.

Caution about toppings: I love them all and have to fight my inner urge to add a lot of everything. Too many toppings keeps the center from heating through and also makes the pizza more difficult to eat.

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