First of all, you have to know what you're doing to even understand a pants pattern. What is a yoke? Interfacing? Placket? Selvage? Ahh! Also, I'm pretty sure that patterns, at least the one I bought, haven't been updated since the 1950s. Let me back up...

After realizing I need a pattern, I go to the store with my mom and have her help me pick one out. Forget all the new technological inventions of the past half century, these black and white newspaper print patterns are located in a file cabinet, using a location system similar to the card catalog system at the library. (At least the kind they had when I was a kid, it's probably been updated since then.) 

Now which pattern to get? Luckily, despite the hundreds of women's options, there are only TWO patterns for men's pants. Hahaha, makes it easier to decide which style I'm going to buy. Then we have to choose the appropriate size pattern. Luckily my brother provided me with detailed leg and waist measurements so I'm good to go there.

Yes! I'm making progress. I have my pattern and I'm ready to get going. I get home, open up the pattern and hope it will all make sense once I look through the directions. NO! My confidence deflates like a popped balloon. Even more confusing. What is a yoke and why do I need interfacing? What does it mean when it says the size "with nap"? Meaning I get a nap halfway through the pants? If not, I'm confused.

I step back a minute and assess the situation. I tell myself I am a smart, creative woman with some sewing experience and I CAN do this. So I figure I'll start by cutting out all the pattern pieces. The pattern gives different options of crazy ways to fold the fabric in order to save fabric, but that's confusing so I just start cutting. Each piece says "cut 1" or "cut 2". Ok, I can do that. I cut one, set to the side, then cut another if needed.

Finally, I have all my pieces! I really feel like I accomplished something so I take a look at step 1. WOAH, what is it talking about?!? Luckily mom's coming to visit so I'll ask her...

Mom looks at my fabric pieces and again laughs at the fact I'm making pants for my brother. She starts looking through the pattern and translating the directions for me. First, we need the front legs. Great, I cut those out already. I run to get them and return with an accomplished feeling, until...

Mom: "You have two lefts. Did you also cut a right leg?"
Me: "What are you talking about? The pattern said cut 2 so I cut 2."
Mom: "Yeah, but you have to cut 1 face up and 1 face down so you have a left and a right."
Me: "What?!? The pattern said CUT 2. It did not say cut 1, then turn pattern over and cut another!"

I search back through the directions to prove I'm right, that the pattern never told me to TURN OVER and cut on opposite sides. Yes, I was right that there was nothing saying "turn over", but it was not a satisfying victory. I still had to re-cut all the patterns to include a right leg.

Ok, so now I know you have to FLIP all pattern pieces. Check. Time to sew...

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