Cheese is my weakness. When I went vegan for a month people would ask, "Doesn't your body crave meat?' No, honestly I can do without meat. I enjoy it when it's prepared well but if I don't get it at a meal I don't feel I've missed anything. Cheese is another story. I really missed the extra flavor cheese adds to dishes. Give me a nice strong cheese any day and I'm a happy girl. 

Once vegan month was over my first thought was, which cheese? I had a hard time deciding which dish to make with which cheese, so I decided to go with a dish using two cheeses. :-)  This tomato zucchini wrap has a slightly deceptive title because although it does have tomatoes and zucchini, along with other vegetables, it also contains feta on the inside of the wrap and a cheddar cheese sauce on top. Yummy.

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