I love pie! Well, really anything sweet but apple pie is a favorite. The problem is that when I eat a lot of really heavy sweet foods my stomach ends up hurting and all I want to do is lay around and wallow in my lack of self-discipline.

So... I decided that instead of setting the unrealistic goal of never eating rich/sweet foods again, I'd find ways to make my favorites healthier.

This apple pie recipe is mostly apples (they're good for you!), and only 2 teaspoons of sugar in the whole pie. There's also no added butter beyond what is found in your pie crust. I know you're thinking... without all the butter and sugar this is going to be gross. Well give it a try because it's really good. Every time I make a pie it seems to disappear quickly.

My preference is to top the pie with frozen vanilla yogurt, emphasis on the yogurt. Frozen yogurt tastes the same as ice cream (depending on the brand), and is much better for you. I prefer Edy's Frozen Yogurt. If you get it at Target it's half the price as Harris Teeter. And of course there are other delicious flavors you can try as well. The frozen yogurt still has a decent amount of sugar in it to give it a delicious flavor, but yogurt has many benefits for the body including good bacteria that help the stomach.

For this recipe I have included a store-bought pie because it's delicious and super easy. I buy them when they're half-off so it's hard to beat the price. But for those that want to be even healthier, I will include a homemade crust recipe in a future post.

Hope you enjoy the apple pie!

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