I originally got this cauliflower pizza recipe idea from a friend, who got it from a friend, who got it from a website that is geared towards gluten-free eating. Mostly I loved the idea of sneaking cauliflower into a pizza meal. I have nothing against cauliflower. However, it tends to be a rather bland tasting vegetable so I rarely eat it. The recipe does have a good bit of cheese in it (we are talking pizza after all), but the cheese really is necessary to keep the crust somewhat together. So if you're cutting, try not to cut too much. The downside of this pizza is that although the flavor is really good, the crust is a bit crumbly. When I make it again I will try to 1) add more cheese to see if that keeps the crust together better, and if that doesn't work then 2) add a little flour and yeast to make it a half-cauliflower crust and a half-normal dough crust. I also changed up some of the spices in the crust based on my personal tastes, feel free to do the same for your taste buds. Overall, very tasty alternative to regular pizza.
Don't judge me but... bell peppers really aren't my favorite. I like the idea of them, and I like them on pizza or hidden in recipes with multiple ingredients, but I've never been keen on straight bell peppers. However, I had a bunch sitting around and hated to waste them so I figured what could I do to make them more to my liking? Of course, sweeten them up! This is really a pretty simple recipe, just your peppers plus sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and a couple spices. My guess is other cheeses and spice combinations would be equally delicious. Yay, now I can claim to be a pepper lover!